Great Game Experience

So much fun!  Everyone enjoyed themselves!  

Having the reserved seating tickets for our annual staff party was the right choice!  We had great seats in the front 2 rows and we could really see some good, fast action.  We had predominantly women in the group and a fair number of us had never been to a hockey game before and all had a BLAST!  

It was a great event to take our staff to as we always like to try new experiences and we want to support locals at the same time!  After the game, we gathered at a local restaurant to cap off the evening.  Perfect.

The event was a huge success and absolutely memorable!

Thank you, Mary!

Warm Hearts
Suzanne Seref

A Night At The Grit

I couldn’t be more pleased with the entire experience of a night at the Grit game. The evening gave us the opportunity to get a wide variety of ALLO people together that normally wouldn’t congregate. We had quite a few employees, their families, business connections, and friends of ALLO employees in attendance. The environment was very family-friendly and welcoming. The Grit staff made sure to check in on us, make sure we had everything we needed, and made sure we were all enjoying the evening. It was great to have Moo-Moo stop by the skybox, and the visit by Bob (the owner) was special. 

I can’t recommend a night at the Grit highly enough. Mary went above and beyond making sure that our company was integrated in every aspect of game night, from the welcome signs, banners, passes and communication, to lining up Bob for the puck drop, allowing an ALLO employee to perform the National Anthem, all the way through the entertainment between periods. We will be back!

Ryan Roth

Fun Experience

We had a blast at the game.  A resident went knowing nothing about hockey but loved the excitement of the game.  She even got a high five from the mascot.  As we were getting ready to leave, I was asked when can we go again!?!?  We are tentatively planning one more game in March. 

Thanks so much for working with me on planning a fun experience for the residents.

Fair Acres Manor
Angela Spencer

Great Partnership

We are looking forward to The Grit games this weekend.  Not only do we love watching the team play, we are so grateful for the increased business it has brought us to our restaurant.  The partnership we have with The Grit has been great.  We appreciate your continued support and recognition through signage and shoutouts at the games.  I can’t tell you enough how happy we are to have your team playing at the Ice House.  The increased traffic for ALL of the downtown businesses doesn’t go without notice.  We are looking forward to continuing our relationship/partnership with you as we wrap up this first season and move into the second season.

Jodie Redfern

Colorado Grit Gives Back

I just wanted to thank you and the Colorado Grit for helping out Weld Elves!!  We so enjoyed the guys coming over and wrapping gifts for the kids in Weld County!  We had a blast!!

The guys wrapped about 140 gifts in the 2 hours they were there!  And we enjoyed the energy they brought! Our officers told the kids that the Colorado Grit Hockey team wrapped their gifts and they were so thrilled! Two families gave Officer Farris big hugs when she told them who wrapped their gifts!!!  

I hope the whole team knows how they touched the lives of kids in Weld County and what a lasting impression it has made on them.  What a GREAT bunch of guys!

And, we raised another $100 for toys at the First Responder night!  Thank you for having us at the game. Everyone really enjoyed themselves.  We are looking forward to more exciting hockey!

We are so looking forward to next year and getting together again. Thanks again to the whole team! You guys ROCK!

Gayle Patterson

950 Meals

Please see attached and extend our gratitude to the whole team for this gift! This gift will make such a positive impact by providing 950 meals to those in our community who find themselves struggling to have enough food. We are grateful for your support and we kindly thank you all!

Thank you for your generous donation of $317.32 to Weld Food Bank. It is only with the kindness and support of people like you that we are able to provide healthy food to children, adults and seniors in their time of need. Thank you!

The Colorado Grit also volunteered 2 hours of their time at the Weld Food Bank & packaged 404 pounds of onions, built 180 senior food boxes, and assembled nearly 800 emergency food boxes!

Weld Co Food
Heather Myers

Dedication To Our Community

I had the privilege of collaborating with Mary and the exceptional team at Colorado Grit in early January of 2024, and the experience was nothing short of extraordinary. From start to finish, Colorado Grit demonstrated a commitment to excellence, ensuring that our organization, Community Dare to Care Community Cub Club, and Community Pay It Forward, was well-represented, seamlessly integrated, and deeply engaged in every aspect of our event. 

For over seven years, our organization has tirelessly sought avenues to amplify our message of caring for the children in our community. Working with Colorado Grit, we found a partner that shares our values and concerns for the well-being of our community’s children. My unequivocal advice to any organization seeking a reliable and dedicated collaborator is to sign on with Colorado Grit now.

Working with Mary and the staff was not only productive but also enjoyable. They went above and beyond to ensure that we were well-prepared and had everything we needed. As a personal highlight, they fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams by allowing me to drop the puck before the game—an unforgettable moment that added an extra layer of significance to our collaboration.

From the dedicated young men on the ice to the individuals manning the booths, everyone associated with Colorado Grit was willing to assist in any way possible. The mascot, Moo Moo, endeared himself to the Cubs we were working with, creating lasting memories for the children we aim to support. Our Avie, a young lady my wife and I were watching while mom recovered from surgery, was captivated by Moo Moo, spoke of him incessantly during her last week with us in Greeley—an anecdote that encapsulates the positive impact Colorado Grit had on our cause. I wholeheartedly recommend partnering with Colorado Grit for your upcoming events or promotional activities. In the days following our event, I discovered that the entire Colorado Grit team, including office staff, actively participated in supporting our local food bank—a testament to their unwavering dedication to our community.

I extend my deepest gratitude to the Colorado Grit team for their exceptional commitment, and I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work together again in the future. Thank you for your time, and I wish you success in all your endeavors and future fundraising initiatives. And, of course, most importantly, go Grit!

Community-Pay-it-Forward Greeley
Zak Clayton

So Refreshing

It is so refreshing as a hockey fan to see a National Junior team in Colorado. Grit is an amazing addition to our Greeley community. These young men and the coaching staff are such role models! The professional staff, including Mary Bowe, Bob Bowden and Chris Stewart will continue to enrich this area.

Cassandra Williams

Great Partner

Colorado Grit is doing exciting things in our community and is a great organization to partner with to help support the team and grow awareness for your local company.

Ryan Green

The Place To Be

The Grit provides action filled family hockey in our amazing Ice Haus in Downtown Greeley. It’s the place to be!

Accessories with a flair
Linda Winter