Grit isn’t WHAT we are – it’s WHO we are & HOW we play

Feb 19, 2023


Grit. It’s where perseverance and passion overlap. It’s the pursuit of a goal over the long haul – it’s the pursuit of greatness. Grit drives us to show up every time not just for the sake of it, but for the love of it. 

Colorado is steeped in a tradition of grit. Behind the American folklore of frontiersmen staking their claims to the future was the grit that drove them to do so. They saw the land as it was, and what was possible. Look around Greeley, and you see the odes to grit everywhere – it’s no coincidence that the community is home to two institutions of higher learning. Like the mountains on the horizon, Greeley is always reaching skyward. 

But grit isn’t about smarts, nor is it even about talent. It’s about dedication – and it’s the difference that makes champions, on and off the ice. 

Just take it from David Clarkson, owning partner of Colorado Grit hockey team and director of player development: “When things get tough, athletes with grit don’t point fingers at others, blame or complain. When pressure and the more challenging moments arrive, they embrace them with strength and courage.” And after 12 years and 570 games in the NHL, he should know. 

Grit Hockey isn’t a name we chose to represent WHAT we are, it represents WHO we are and HOW we play. We’re strong. Determined. We never give up. But along the way, we’re gonna have some fun. And like our community, we’re not afraid to be a little different. In fact, we’re pretty proud of that.