Colorado Grit Hockey x Drill House Sports Center

Mar 9, 2023

Colorado Grit Hockey will be partnering with the Drill House Sports Center for our Denver Inaugural Season Camp (Click here to register). Drill House – an operation based out of the Family Sports Center in Centennial, CO – is an organization that boasts a combined 40+ years of professional hockey experience and provides a “one-stop-shop” for hockey training.

Not only will we have traditional camp scrimmages, but we will also provide strength, speed, and force plate testing led by the elite staff at Drill House. This training will all take place within the same facility that the Colorado Avalanche practice in. In addition, camp participants will receive a guest presentation from professionals in the field of sports performance.

For more about Drill House, check out their spotlight in The Denver Post and visit their website HERE. 

Drill House Sports Center introduces “one-stop-shop” hockey training for all ages