The Colorado Grit, our dedicated and passionate local NHAL hockey team, is facing some unexpected challenges that require the support of our community. With a schedule heavily loaded with home games at the beginning of the season, the Grit now has 16 away games here in March. As they gear up for these away games, the team is confronted with various expenses, including travel costs, equipment upgrades, and food expenses. These young athletes have shown tremendous dedication to their sport, investing countless hours in practice and training to represent our town, GREELEY, CO with pride. To ensure the Colorado Grit can continue to compete at their best, they are embarking on a fundraising campaign. Whether through sponsorships, business owners, or individual contributions, every dollar raised will directly contribute to covering essential expenses and fostering the growth and success of this promising team. Your support will not only help these athletes pursue their passion for hockey but will also strengthen the bond between the team and the community, creating a sense of unity and shared achievement. Help us get to our $10,000 goal. Donate today!

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